Performance Autosound Magazine reviews the Mosconi Zero

bgnewspas“This thing is mind-bending when it comes to delivering power and it sounds so good that you just want to keep turning it up. And, as you do, it simply keeps getting louder and louder. I’m unable to find any volume point where the amplifier is even close to reaching its limits. ”

“The power on tap is so addictive that I find myself listening at much higher than normal levels just because it’s so much fun!”

“On the test bench, the Zero 1 confirms that it is indeed a powerhouse to be reckoned with.”

“…the Mosconi Zero 1 is an immensely powerful yet very good-sounding, very impressive amplifier.”

“HyperDrive is very useful for extending dynamic range and definitely adds musical realism.”

“…if you’re pushing the amp hard and you want to manage the heat, the OverCold feature provides maximum cooling on demand.”

“No wonder this amp is rated to one ohm! With pats like this it’ll drive damn near anything you can connect to it.”

“Also scores very highly in other areas like frequency response, singal-to-noise, stereo separation and output impedance.”

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