• The Digital Signal Processor with 4 inputs and 6 outputs.
  • Highest resolution, e.g. time delay in 0,02 msec/step, Q in steps of 0.001
  • Parametric and Graphic EQ with up to 30 (para-graphical) bands per channel pair
  • All settings in real-time
  • USB and BT adapter (MOS-BTM), for adjusting by PC and Android smart phone apps
  • Low-level or High-level input with auto-sense (only by High-Level)
  • Aux input with auto-sense for stereo signal
  • Hands-free and mobile navigation
  • 4 presets
  • Mixer matrix to realize all possible mixtures and couple input and output channels as desired
  • Intuitive User Interface and video tutorials to avoid an instruction book.
  • Operating also without mouse, only with keys for an easy adjusting in the car
  • DSP Technology made by cooperation MOSCONI-GLADEN
  • Designed and made by MOSCONI, Italy



Input Mode: Low Level {LL} / High Level {HL}
Input Impedance: > 10Kohm (LL) / 47ohm (HL)
Input Sensitivity: 2Vrms ÷ 8Vrms (LL / 5Vrms ÷ 20Vrms (HL)
Input Voltage Regulation: -12dB ÷ 0dB
Max Output Signal: 4Vrms
Output Impedance: 50 ohm
T.H.D. Distortion:
Frequency Response: 20Hz ÷ 20KHz (within -0.1dB)
Channel Separation: >75dB (@ 1KHz)
Supply Voltage: 11V ÷ 15V
Current Consumption: 0.5A @ 12V
Ground Isolation vs Car Body: 1Kohm
Autosense: Two operative modes (yes, High Level mode only)
Remote Output: 130mA max
Communication Peripherals: On-board USB, Bluetooth socket, Remote controller connector for optional display-control unit
Dimensions: 150 x 125 x 40 mm (including fixing feet)