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A Class Features

An absolute “Best-in-class” performance!

High power AB-class amplifier
Full MOSFET design
SMD technology
Crossover with selectable Hi-Pass/Low-Pass filter
Front Stage Adjuster FSA (similar to a digital delay correction)
Phase Shift 0-180° (only 4-channel amplifier)
High Level input adapter with auto switch-on (only available with high power BTL output head units)
Remote Volume Control (optional)
Very compact size for easy installation
Forced Cooling (temperature controlled fan)
Black Finish

Zero Features

Designed along with the Mosconi A Class
High End Amplifier “AB” Class
Dual Mono Block Design
1 Ohm Stereo Stable
Direct Drive By Pass Available for best possible sound
Hyperdrive Explained: Hyperdrive feature is meant to allow the end user to achieve dynamics never before experienced in car audio! Mosconi suggests to limit the hyperdrive feature to only subwoofers capable of handling such power. Advantages : Very high power, Unrivaled dynamics, and accoustic quality! Drawback: Only one, higher working temperatures.

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